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Forouhar, or if the sale or Avestan Old Persian and Pahlavi Frvrty Forouhar and Forouhar Persian mystical forces one to believe that before the coming into existence Mzdystan creatures, exist after their death and destruction to the universe gone up and sustained remains. This spiritual force that can be called the essence of life, not death and decay
Ahura Mazda what all Frydhhay Minoo and what their material even with Ahura Mazda are Forouhar. The Ahura Mazda to Zarathustra Vandidad
Bundahisn come in, Ahura Mazda of the case before Frvhrha Minoo (non-material) to become the material mode, will consult with them and left them free to stay forever in the universe or as Minoo been physically and conflict against evil army, they Frvhrha accepted that the material world, because they knew that Daevas contentious defeat and destroy the evil of the world will come
Frvhrha celebration held in the sixth Gahnbar disrespecting the duration of ten days and celebrate it or Frvrdyan Frvrdgan say. Moreover, the Avesta of the five inner force thus speak Rfthast
Says "I Forouhar very high-level, fair, beautiful, steadfast and has all the pious, praise
Illness or die
Dina or conscience
Byvz or branch Adrakh
Avrvn or mental
Sale or Forouhar.
About each of these forces in parts of Avesta and Pahlavi writings remarks come ..


- The human face is like Forouhar, so tell conjunction with man, he is wise and experienced elder, a sign of celebration and thanks, and learn from elders and scholars are taking them.
2 - two wings on each flank Tuesday are filled full of signs Tuesday symbolizes the three good ideas, Gftarnyk, Krdarnyk the same motivation and progress is flying.

3 - lower body in three parts Forouhar, Prhayy forward is down, the signs of speech and opinion and acts are wrong, or offline. Hence it launched for the man they know disaster and mailing.

4 - two strands in each round head (ring) carefully torus can be seen, along with lower body parts are the symbol Spanta Angrh Minoo Minoo and are, at the feet of one another and so it is. These fields are each working toward the man to kill this man must be a sign that the Spanta Minoo (good) goes to Angrh Minoo (bad) to the back.

5 - a round (circle) in the middle of the upper body is shown Forouhar, has eternal life and mind that neither has a beginning nor end.

6 - Forouhar one hand up and slightly towards the line refers Minoo Spanta thanked the show and Stays Ahvrmzda and guidance towards the man and the truth and integrity is crucial.

7 - on the other hand round (circle) is a sign of loyalty to the promise, and shows truly and clean and the Khoi and generosity is Jvanzny.

Graphic structure Forouhar course, in different times and places differ, even in Persepolis in one place and almost the same time made with several types of image we are facing!]:


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